I’ve started my first work experience for the year- lambing! I’m at a farm with 2,000 ewes and the days are veeeery long but I’m still enjoying every second of it! I didn’t realise it wouldn’t be lambing most of the time, a lot the day is spent rounding up sheep, rubber ringing lambs, moving them from one field to another and just general farming. Regardless of the other work, the times I have been lambing have been unbelievable and after only a few days I was lambing all on my own! I’ve seen many strange occurances, we’ve had 2 rotten lambs (oh gosh the smell, THE SMELLLL!) we’ve had ring womb, bloat, triplets, a lamb was even born without a skull 😶 most of these circumstances the lambs didn’t survive but it was so interesting to see! I’m currently along side 3 Dutch women who are in their 4th year of vet school, they so lovely and helpful! They make me even more excited for the future 😊 passionate people are very infectious! They’ve even showed me live autopsies- it’s been an incredible week so far, I’m shattered, aching and covered in bruises from trying to catch & turn sheep over but can’t wait for next week 🐑 👍


I couldn’t of anticipated what 2019 started off like. It has been devastating, There has been so many changes and I feel so different, I don’t have too many words but if I look back in this time just know there is hope and i know this will pass.

I feel as though i spent the last 6 months with my life, work, studies, home-life ect. all in harmony and happy with the progress i was making towards veterinary. Now all of a sudden i’ve woken up to chaos and panic. I’ve taken some time off from studying mostly to sit in front of the tv or not do anything, somehow i’ve put on over a stone and i can’t complete a task without the feeling that i should of completed 20 tasks in that time.

It’s ok to feel like this and sometimes that day off turns into a week off which can turn into a month off. Always take time for yourself. When feeling stressed or upset number one rule is – Get out of the house!

I happen to live in my favourite house in the world. I know that’s quiet handy eh. But sometimes sitting inside, with limited light even limited fresh air, can just place you in a funny mood and it’s difficult to get out of. But i need a push out of this coziness, safe space. Go outside, move your body, raise your heart beat, appreciate the view or smell, if it’s raising enjoy the sensation of rain on your hood or wellies and walking into a lovely warm house afterwards.


My life has all of sudden changed yet again but this time, a good change. But just know we had been planing to get a dog for very long time, this wasn’t a result of just ‘feeling a little upset’ it just so happens that he arrived in our lives when i needed him, sometimes life happens that way. Anyway…

Two days ago we welcomed the most adorable puppy in the whole world. I’ve absolutely fall in love all over again. Meet the beautiful border terrier x Patterdale KEEF



Not to sound too dramatic but my life is never going to be the same again. In the most wonderful way possible, even now i’m just taking a break from studying trying to watch bake off and have a snack but this would not be complete without Keef (as in Keith Richards) following me around, destroying my socks, trying to eat every bite of me food then falling asleep on my knee. What a beautiful creature.



A little update

Hi! I haven’t used WordPress now for a long time, I think that’s because I didn’t really know what direction to take my blog in, well I’m back and I’ve decided to make this as just a general online diary… genius I know especially as it’s a blog. Anyway I’ve come to a point in my life where the next few years will be important to me, do you know what all years are important. Doesn’t matter whether they’re fantastic or depressing, each year and experience is what defines you, so scrap that… I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to document the next few years. This year feels unbelievably exciting, because I’m applying for university! I’m going for is the ‘Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies (year 0)’. I would like to keep an update on what I’m doing to apply, how I’m applying, what I like and don’t like about work experiences, matters of values and beliefs I guess anything really that I come across that I would to take an extra moment to think about, or anything with documenting 🙂

Thanks for reading

Happy January!


Fantastic books… and where to find them

I like books. Shocking right? I like books but I don’t have enough money to buy all the books I want… the problem is, is that while I don’t want to spend all my money on books, I think it’s also important to give to authors. So while I don’t want to be downloading free books on the Internet, I also don’t want to pay full price. Not asking for much eh? Well these are a few places I find cheap and sometimes even free books.

– Charity shops

When I lived in Australia I pretty much only bought books from charity shops (or if you are Aussie; Op shops). My sister, mum and I lived in these shops and the library, we had huge warehouse style op shops really close by so we could ALWAYS find really cool books, once I even found an adorable bookmark inside one… wouldn’t get that at Waterstones eh.

– Christmas and Birthdays

Well I guess this is a no brainer, when people ask ‘what do you want for Christmas?’… ask for books.

– Book swap

If have read some books and didn’t enjoy them, maybe you did but just didn’t want to keep them or even have so many books that you just need a big clear out so you can start reading new books, you can always offer to swap books with friends and family. For a rainy day: invite lots of people and ask them to bring friends too, pick out your selected books for the swap and make a big teapot. You might even enjoy a lovely night/day in, had a few bookish chats, got rid of old books and landed yourself some new ones. Well done you, good work.

– Bookbub ;

Bookbub is a great way to get digital books at a very cheap discounted price and many are even free! It complies a list of recent book deals on amazon or ibooks and sends you an email alerting you of that days deals. I have read so many great books through this website. I exclusively use it for the free books and haven’t ever paid for a book.

If you want a particular book online websites such as Book depository, Book Outlet and The Book People offer books at much cheaper price than retail book stores, there are so many more great online book stores just google them.

Thanks for reading 🙂


-The little cutie in these pictures are my little sister.

Am I bettering myself for the worse?

I am a 22-year-old woman and today I walked into work with my head held high wearing no make-up. Sadly I did not walk out a similar way, instead I felt really low and disappointed. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to sort a centre to study as an external candidate which seems to have taken an unlucky turn, English exams springing up with hardly any notice or time to prepare and lead me onto researching the meat and dairy industry which has now lead me onto feeling like I’ve contributed to so much abuse and torture (how can humans live like this? How can I live like this I’m an awful person ect. ect.), our hopes of buying the house of our dreams falling through and the most heart breaking; a sudden bereavement in the family. With this going on I have to say I have been slightly neglecting myself. I don’t make time for myself because I have so much more important things to do than paint my bloody nails!

But today is a new day, I got up bright and early and decided ‘today I won’t wear any make-up’ it doesn’t make me feel good about myself. My skin was not in bad condition and it was far from a good skin day but that didn’t matter, I didn’t want to cover up a part of me that usually just wasn’t good enough, with the mentality of ‘today just being me will be good enough’ I set off to work in quiet high spirits. Almost as soon as I started to talk to people the comments started,

  • You look very ill, are you ok?
  • Why aren’t you wearing any make-up
  • What’s wrong with your eyes? They look puffy
  • Are you sue you aren’t ill?
  • You haven’t even done your eyebrows!

Yes an adult actually said that to me, before long I was starting to feel like I’d made a huge mistake. I should of spent the time perfecting some winged eyeliner or blending out a neutral eyeshadow. Who did I think I was some gorgeous model who didn’t need make-up to be pretty? The thing is even with make-up I wouldn’t describe myself as pretty. So here I am again full circle,

  1. Should I spend more time concentrating on who I am and what I would like to wear whether it’s on trend or not and not care about what people think


  1. Spend that little be of extra time applying a little more make-up, nail varnish, fake- tan or whatever else would make me blend into my work office or any social gathering for that matter.

I don’t have the confidence and most days the energy to tell someone I don’t care what you think of me especially somewhere I have to spend a lot of time around a lot of people. But I don’t want to just become one of them either. What would be the point of me? What is the point of me?

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe a new way to challenge my social anxiety? I won’t wear feminine things I don’t like just because of peer pressure but I also won’t feel cool and badass for doing what I want, I’ll beat myself up wishing I was someone I’m not. I think I expected more from my colleagues and whereas I don’t want their love and adoration I still wish they could see that the things they say can be extremely hurtful. People’s opinions and thoughts can be mean and they suck but I don’t know how to stop them from seeping into me. I can feel them changing me turning me into another being someone who fits in a little more, someone who is a little quieter probably someone who stops going out altogether.

I think I need to make time for myself even if it’s ten minutes a day, just to wind down and be kind to self. My mum sent me a message I keep re-reading because it makes me smile so much;

  1. I love you
  2. Veganism is a journey, your only human and part of the ethos of veganism is to ‘do no harm to a sentient being’ so don’t do harm to yourself either…no more beating yourself up
  3. Is your English work an argument? Don’t forget constructive, non emotive language and to include the arguments against veganism
  4. Kind of made me laugh that you want to ‘cuddle all the helpless tortured animals’ you know most of them wouldn’t want you to cuddle them?
  5. You need to start somewhere so good on you for doing that xxxx

Love you kidda, see you soon xxx

My mum keeps telling me ‘be kind to yourself’ and now I can feel those words starting to stick I want to but I’m not even sure where to begin.


Hello satisfyingly crunchy leaves, wet, slippery and sodden ones too. Hello beautiful colours red, yellow, green and orange. Hello warm cozy days all snuggled up and hot water bottle heated night. Hello late sunrises and early sunsets. Halloween, romantic comedies, bonfire night, hot chocolate, conkers, huge scarfs, broths, scary books, hot apple cider, candles, pumpkin spice and fairy lights. I’m excited for these and so many more reasons for autumn.

Short but gold 

I recently received a Waterstones voucher, I always struggle spending gift cards I’m not sure why I guess I just feel I need to get the best possible book with the money someone gave me. Anyway i decided to get something a little bit different and I picked up this gem. It is quiet a short book but it’s fantastic! A lovely little read you can pick up every now and again and have a giggle at a few paragraphs. I had to read this from start to finish because it really is that good. Jen Campbell you make me laugh, thank you for a wonderful book.